Tweetstock V - Part 1: Chris Farias

Yesterday I went to my second Tweetstock, and no it's not just me in the bushes stalking people I follow on twitter. (Though Jason Dykstra *may* be taking out a restraining order - I LOVE YOU JASON!) It's a gathering of like minded people to listen to speakers, network, meet new friends, hang out with old friends and listen and learn. Yes, we talk about twitter, but we also talk about how twitter is bringing us back together as communities and people. We come together to grow and inspire and also have a damn good time.

So the event itself? Pretty friggen fabulous... The fact that the after party was a place called "Therapy"? Even more awesome... The people? Blew my mind. Its actually a couple of those people I want to talk to you about. Starting with Mr. Kitestring himself, Chris Farais. Until Tweetstock 5 Chris and I hadn't met. We tweeted, we facebooked and I found him absolutely hilarious and charming. I also knew Chris was smart and creative but he was so much more then I expected.

Immediately upon meeting there were hugs and giggling, it was like getting together with an old friend. We just meshed. More yapping, more giggling and a trip back to 1952 with blow pops in hand. It was kind of almost exactly how I figured it would be, but better. The man just exudes easy charm, has a room lightening smile and is wonderfully quick witted. It's what happened at the after party that made me gain a whole new respect for him.

Watching him interact so seamlessly with people, talking business without being pushy or even seeming like he was talking a business. Listening to him I realised how brilliant he actually was. How he was a true example of actually being able to take what seemed like crazy ideas and make them real - and not only real but useful. Shaking off things that are HUGE deals with a laugh. Barely 30 and understanding people better then most people ever will and understanding how to really get into peoples minds and explain and educate in ways people understand. He actually has communication down to an art.

Self-proclaimed bitch (which Im sure he totally could be, Im not blind and deaf, just in awe lol). He was also funny, warm, inviting, easy going, put people at ease and an absolute joy to be around. Such a joy I apparently have to write my tweetstock blog in parts because I've now rambled on about the length of time I can hold your attention for. Still awake out there?

Moral of the story for part 1? Tweetstock 5 brings people together. Ill tell you about more of them in part 2.

Yes, this is a horrible picture of Chris eating a piece of pepper with the sticker still on it. I'm sure he will appreciate me showing it off. Right Chris?

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