Full Circle

What can be said about a day that made me happy cry, frustrated cry, concerned me, confused me, renewed me and shattered my soul for a family I've never met?

How about, I'm tired. 

The problem with social media is its instantaneous. Granted this is also one of the great things about social media. The problem is its given us a platform for things we don't filter and can never take back. 

Currently, my sweet Monkey is acting like an asshole. I know, *GASP SHOCK HORROR", I used 'asshole' and my kid in the same sentence but let's call a spade a spade. Tantrums, not listening, deliberately doing things I've told her not to. NOT GOING TO BED. I'd be much better equipped if I had some quiet time to regroup before 11pm. 

Currently, a woman I follow on twitter is saying goodbye to her 2 week old son, whose heart condition is taking him from his family. A family who already has seen so much loss and too many babies go to heaven. 

Currently, the world is offended, shocked, outraged by Miley Cyrus (Yes, Hannah Montana is no longer a country bumpkin folks). Her raunchy, confusing, almost pornographic performance at the MTV Video Music Awards has people asking "WTF?" for many reasons, like "WTF was Robin Thicke thinking agreeing to this?" and "Is Robin Thickes wife fully immunized?".

Currently, people are celebrating the truth and creation of music that isn't just for the head nodding factor. That isn't created in some studio but inside of people's hearts and souls. Music that says something, that moves people. 

All these things are happening simultaneously. Life and death are walking side by side. Neither more important than the other, both causing reactions involuntarily. Life. Marches. On. 

It's all on a circle, some how connecting each and every thing that is currently happening. Does Miley know about Diana, Sam and Bella? Does Monkey know about the impact of music? Does Diana and her family know about my deep frustrations and pain? No. No, these things are all completely separate and yet all on the circle happening simultaneously. 

The issues affecting your life are no more or less important than the issues affecting anyone else's life. To each person something that seems insignificant to someone else can seem life shattering to you. 

Maybe somewhere, a girl just saw her hero in a whole new light. 

Maybe somewhere, a family prays and holds each other together... For now. 

Maybe somewhere, the recognition of music with a message and the message being rewarded and celebrated brought someone away from the brink. 

And here? Well here, I've kissed my sleeping child and hoped with everything I have for an easier day tomorrow. For grace, for patience, for a break from the madness. 

Tomorrow I will add more things to the circle, and again everything will be connected without ever knowing it. 

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  1. The last sentence is perfection. Loved this read.

    PS. Tried to comment on my wordpress name, but it keeps telling me URL contains illegal characters.... I have no clue what I'm doing wrong LOL.


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