What I Learned From The Grammys

And its not "Who is Esperanza Spalding". Though I do know that now and she did help with this realization.

Turns out, I don't hate Justin Bieber.


I know I know, I was shocked as the next guy. I mean you won't catch me buying a CD or heading out to see Never Say Never, but I probably won't groan and change the station next time one of his songs is on the radio.

My actual hatred is directed towards a lot of his fans. Half of the four Bieber fan groups. What are the four groups you ask?

1. The Beliebers - Fans of all ages who enjoy his music.
2. The Crushers - Young people (18 and under) who have the posters, and CDs and write "I heart the Biebs" on their binders.
3. The Creepy Cougars - The over 18s who publicly declare their love and think he's "hot". Much like The Crushers but on a "you're WAY too old to say that child is hot" level.
4. The Crazies - The obsessive fan that thinks Justin is the be all and end all of music and no one is as good as he is. Tweets, Facebooks or blogs almost constantly and hates anyone who doesn't love The Biebs.

Can you guess which two categories of fan I'm not a fan of?

Let's start with The Creepy Cougars, thats the easy group. Simply put, Justin Bieber is 16 years old for crying out loud! If you are over 18 calling him "hot" makes you dirty. There is no question about that. If a 20 something obsessed over a non-famous 16 year old we would be creeped out and probably have them arrested.

Now the group that straight out just makes me mad as hell, The Crazies. I think this category's best example is the defamation of Esperanza Spaldings wikipedia page after her win at the Grammys. The digital jackassery displayed was epic. You didn't see Gagas Little Monsters tearing into Arcade Fire after they won. You can be a fan of one musician without bashing another one.

These same fans have made threats about people hanging out with him, blown up Twitter and basically caused people to hate on Justin for no reason other then we can't stand hearing about how "He's too good to hang out with so and so" or he's the second coming of the Beatles. Not to mention the serious injuries caused by a mall riot at one of his shows. For gods sake people, pull it together! Also, where the hell are these kids parents?!

So there it is folks. I do not hate The Biebs. Hell the kid even has a certain charm about him...

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