Everything Old Is New Again

So I'm not ashamed to say I have a profile on a few online dating websites. Hell this day and age you never know where you could meet Mr.Right or even Mr.Right-Now and if nothing else its good for a laugh.

Speaking of laughing...

Years ago I went through a phase, newly divorced, in a new city, money to blow, liquor to drink, boys to seduce. And seduce I did! Always safely but any who...

This morning I wake up to a new message on one of the dating sites. How exciting! Who could it be?! Theres always a little bit of excitement knowing someone messaged me. So off I went clicking to find out who this mystery man was, logged in, clicked on my inbox and got a very nice intro message...

From someone I already slept with.

Oh lord its finally happened. I'm apparently recycling men. (Also, ummmm, am I that forgettable? Really?! I mean I didnt think so but come on! I think I might look into stepping up my game next time around.) I have run out of men I havn't slept with and I am starting over again at the top of the list. I didn't think I had slept with enough people for that to happen!

So the question really is, how does one respond to this lovely message? "We've met before, I lost my bra in your bedroom. Did you ever find it?"? Send him his own address and a description of his tiny awful bathroom? Pretend I dont know him?

I'd like to take this opportunity to mention that this may in fact be the post I am most proud of having written. /sarcasm


  1. OH. MAN.

    I lol'd pretty hard, I confess.

    So what *did* you say?! :)

  2. Nothing... I said, nothing.

    Honestly if I was *that* forgettable I'd hate to disappoint twice, yanno?

    On a related note, anyone know where I can get a copy of "Unforgettable Sex For Dummies"... I'd prefer not to go through this again.


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