Because Im The Helpful Sort

So with yet other baby on the way (And maybe another wife down the road you never know) Im figuring those poor dears on Sister Wives could probably do with some more income coming in to support the boss and his fancy car. So I came up with some crossover tv shows they could look into. Enjoy!

Kate Plus 8 Wives - She couldn't make it work with one husband but what about 8 Sister Wives?!

Survivor: Utah - What will happen when the family is divided and Meri finally has a chance to throw Robin off the family island?

So You Want To Be A Sister Wife - Don't forget to use your phone a friend to get to the top prize a spiritual union with Kody!

Everyone Loves Kody - Self-explanatory no?

Golden Girls 2.0 - One day the kids will be gone, Kody will be in the ground and all thats left is the Wives.

Name That Brown - Can one sister wife name all 17 kids by voice alone?

Law & Order: Lehi - With 1 out of 4 Americans having a criminal record theres at LEAST season worth of episodes with that many kids in one place.

Three And A Half Wives - I hear theres an opening and CBS is looking

Hopefully something here sparks some interest for the Brown family and I've been able to help out even just a little bit.

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