I am not a pimp

Those of you who know me know I'm not a product or service pimp. I have to be SERIOUSLY in love with something to tell people about it. When I do love something though, I am the worlds greatest promoter (ask Clippo or Mabels Labels lol).

All that being said... I'm totally about to do a completely unsolicited service gush!

A couple weeks ago I tweeted my desperate need for a haircut and my absolute refusal to go to a cheapy haircutting joint. My lovely friend Robin posted to her salon to see if they could help me out, and the twitter snowball began its roll. I was invited to come out to Salon Monzer in downtown Oakville to get a real haircut. I was stoked.

Until I got there...

We've all met me, I'm not classy. I try, but for real? I'm a beer and chips, pub going, jeans wearing mom. I love my make-up and girly things, I just like them to be special. I do decently with trendy, ok with appropriate, horribly with classy.

So walking up the stairs to Salon Monzer I suddenly realized I was completely out of my element. Cue social anxiety disorder. Breathe deep, breathe deep, focus on twitter, will self not to sweat myself stupid - because we all know what an attractive look the sweaty-hyperventilating look is. Despite my probable look of panic, I was warmly greeted, offered a beverage and offered a seat to wait for my stylist.

Which wasn't a long wait I must say. I blinked and TADA Mikey was over introducing himself and helping me into a silky robe...


Aww fuck a robe? For real?! As a big woman I bloody well HATE places that think its great to offer you a robe that they have bought in one size fits all, that really only fits size 10 and under and then you get squeezed into this robe and you refuse to breathe or move because if you rip it then you'll feel like an idiot and who needs that kind of embarrassment. Yeah, ok, so the robe thing stressed me out and the panic started to come back.


The lovely robe fit no problem. I was starting to relax.

Now I wont get into the bits and pieces of the haircut itself, it was the experience that matters (Though trust me, I friggen LOVE my hair). Through the whole discussion of what to do with my mop, Mikey was nothing but sweet and professional. I basically gave free reign and trusted him completely (smartest choice ever). Theres something about having your head in a sink that changes how you feel. You start to relax, you breathe better, tension washes down the sink. Easy banter with Mikey combined with great smells and the feeling of being a little bit pampered... I have to be honest, I finally felt like I was doing something just for me.

I can't say enough good things about Mikey (aka The Genius!). On top of being incredibly talented as a stylist, he was just an all around sweet guy. A good listener and a great story teller, you felt like you were talking with an old friend. I was comfortable, I was relaxed, I was entertained. Not to mention he is just cuter then frolicking puppies.

My whole head felt completely different. Lighter, tingly... I think my hair was actually in shock at how great it was being treated. Almost a week later and it still feels different to the touch, and is so easy to manage. Plus I have yet to find even one strand of hair that wasn't cut or styled properly. It takes work for me to get my hair to look bad, and since I don't have that kind of time it always looks fantastic.

Not only did I leave Salon Monzer with a fantastic new hair cut (That EVERYONE loved and commented on btw), I left feeling relaxed, refreshed and happy. I left knowing I would be back. In 28 years I havn't ever been this impressed with a stylist or a salon, EVER.

The only downside? I didn't bring cool enough clothes to wear with my new funky hair.

Salon Monzer is located at 128 Lakeshore Road East in Downtown Oakville.
Contact them at 905-842-7222

@SalonMonzer and @MiiKeyStyles on Twitter.

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