I'm Positively Positive

A lot of shitty things have happened over the past month. Hell just the last couple of days have involved earthquakes, tornadoes and the death of a wonderful Canadian. My personal life has had #facebookbreakup, a pretty serious depressive episode and anxiety attacks. Yeah, the last few weeks have been uber shitty. My life mantra has been getting a workout... Just keep swimming.

But the sun is out today, my kid is behaving and Im scheduled for a haircut and an evening with some of my favourite people. I think its time for some positive, happy things that have been overshadowed by the dark clouds.

1. Pillows and Banana Bread - There is nothing as awesome as friends who are nice for the sake of being nice. Melissa showed up at my door with fluffy new pillows for Monkey and I after I randomly tweeted about wishing we had new ones and Tammy offered up a loaf of banana bread (WITH FLAX) when Monkey may or may not have swallowed a penny. Still have no idea if she did swallow a penny though :S.

2. Tuesdays with Tacos - Bobby O'Briens dollar tacos. Does this even need explanation?!

3. Cheap Gas - Now that gas prices are SO high a few places have started having gas sale days. I got gas for 120.1!

4. Salvation Army Thrift Store deals - Went looking for fascinator pieces (which I didnt find sadly) but found out there was a buy 10 pieces of kids clothes for 10 bucks sale! Got sweatshirts for Monkey for daycare super cheap!

5. Old Music Favourites - Also while at the Sally Anne I found some old school CDs that I will totally be jamming out to today!

6. Public Displays of Remembrance - When it was reported the Jack Layton passed away this week Canadians of all political stripes were saddened and grief spread across the country. We came together to support each other and remember a remarkable Canadian taken too soon. His final words to his "friends" inspired us all and memorials of every type popped up all over the country.

"My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world." - Jack Layton

7. Helping Hands - After the tornado ripped through Goderich we were all in shock something like this could happen here. Shock didn't stop people from jumping to action though with donations and volunteers coming together quickly to help people start cleaning up and rebuilding their lives.

8. Twitter - Ok I love twitter all the time, its nothing new. Information and support flying in 24/7. Amazing people willing to put themselves out there 140 characters at a time. Including keeping those in stairwells hiding from tornadoes updated on the weather lol.

9. Misunderstandings - Seriously when one friend messages you to ask if they can unfollow the guy they thought broke up with you on facebook but its really a friend you adore who happens to have a s/o that isn't you, it might be the funniest thing that could ever happen. I'm still laughing. Hard.

10. Randomly Naked Children - When two three year olds get together with a water table someone is gonna get wet. Stripping them of wet clothes and letting them run around and be kids in just underwear reminds us of the freedom you have being a kid. Its a great feeling watching kids be free and innocent.

Ok... Now its your turn! Yes I'm serious! Lets find something positive and tell each other about it! I'm expecting some very happy comments lol.

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