I don't need 15 grand...

So lately I've been seeing a LOT of cool contests out there. No crazy sign ups that need everything back to your great-uncles date of birth or needing credit cards or anything (FINALLY!). This might take the cake though.


Not that any of you need $15,000 right? Nope, not us, we're rolling in extra cash. Oh, you're not? Wanna be?

Centrsource is giving anyone, yes ANYONE, with a business (or a great business idea) a chance to win $15,000 PLUS free advertising. Plus runner up prizes and even prizes for voters. Money, advertising, iPads... this is the jackpot of contests!

Any business (or idea, registered or not) is welcome to participate! Etsy shop, cleaning business, restaurant, daycare, toy maker, butcher, baker even a candle stick maker can get in on this.

Oh, want some more incentive? How about a couple free months of advertising just for entering? Yeah, that's basically saving your business 100 bucks JUST because you entered to win $15,000. CRAZY!

So, you're going to want to run (or click) over to HERE before July 31st, 2011 and enter! (Open to Canadians minus Quebec)

Still reading eh? Not sure why... Shouldn't you be, oh, I don't know, ENTERING?!


  1. I would love to win an iPad 2!! (since I don't have my own business!)

  2. you are VERY entertaining cause that's what I thought you wrote as your last paragraph. I shouldn't be reading blogs past midnight... :) LOL yes... I laugh at myself.

    anyway... I just wanted to say it is an awesome contest, thanks for sharing!!


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