Y'all may not know this but U2 is my dream concert band. I've never been to one of those giant, lights and smoke type concerts. In fact the biggest concert I've been to was probably Kelly Clarkson at Center In The Square in Kitchener. I knew all the words (still do!) and I got to hear her sing “Why” by Annie Lennox. It blew my mind. That being said I think if I ever got to go to one of those super big concerts for someone like U2, I would probably need to bring oxygen.

I'd also probably have had to have won the lottery. Concert tickets arn't cheap by any means. Especially U2! Have you looked online at people selling tickets?! Thousands of dollars... It's effing insane! That doesn't even include food or transportation or parking or a place to stay or a souvenir or anything. Chances are you're also sitting in the nose bleeds. Watching the concert on a screen because the stage is so far away you're not sure if you're watching Bono and the Edge or a kindergarten presentation of The Ants Go Marching.

So long story short I dream of seeing U2 in concert and have for YEARS! Closest I've gotten to it is seeing some random drunk guy serenading his date of the night at karaoke with With Or Without You or concert footage on TV. Until now...

Ok well not like officially until now but its more likely now lol. Get Tickets has a contest running on facebook for the July 11th, 2011 show in Toronto to see U2! Its floor seats, dinner and an overnight stay for 2, and they're giving away 2 of them!! So in hopes that I may convince you to bring me along if you win I'm telling you about it. More people I know entering is more people I know who might win and bring me along right?

SO... Run on over here http://apps.facebook.com/utwo-get-tickets/blog and enter. Theres no skill testing, friend sending (unless you want to) crap to fill out. Just like it and you're in!

Don't get me wrong I do plan on winning, however should there be a glitch in my plan I have no problem going with one of you lovely angels.

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