I Know How I'm Going To Die

In a fire, sitting on my couch. Same for Monkey I'm going to assume.

"Why?" you ask... because I live in the Boy Who Cried Wolf building.

My building has monthly fire alarm testing, which I appreciate completely, however they've stopped informing us of it. We used to have notices posted about 2 days in advance telling us when the testing was going to take place. For almost 2 years they gave us advance notice and suddenly it's stopped.

First few times it happened I grabbed my keys and my kid and bolted out the door, down the stairs and out of the building. Usually in PJs no one should see and with my kid wrapped in a blanket (because I live in Canada and lets face it, it was cold until May). Only to arrive outside, alone, and have the alarm turn off. Out of breath and sweaty from the panicked dash down the stairs, I'd go back to my apartment swearing under my breath and out loud on twitter.

The last few times I've waited. Usually about 2 minutes into the screeching alarm I wander over to the door to see if theres smoke or heat or people on fire and about the same time the alarm usually turns off. So this time, as I'm sitting in my underwear and Monkey is buck naked potty training I start to think "Man if this was real we'd look pretty funny running outside" and then I was like "This would be the time it was real, wait, is it real? Am I sitting here casually ignoring the possible impending death of Monkey and I?". I grab my keys, a blankie to wrap around Monkey and Monkey and start for the door when... you guessed it.... alarm turns off.

These un-notified alarm testings are basically numbing me and the baby to the fire alarm and how and why it's so important to have. Monkey isn't learning fire safety at all, she's learning fire alarm annoyance. I want to use the alarms as practices for her, but I wont do it when she or I is half naked or if I'm cooking or doing something that by leaving it could actually cause a fire. I want to be prepared, I dont want her to be prepared (other then dressed) but I want to be prepared. Practising when it could cause issues is just as irresponsible as not practising IMO. Plus knowing when they're going to happen makes sure that if the alarm goes off at a not designated time, we know to actually leave the building, and not just sit and wait to find out if its a test.

Now I'm at a crossroads, do I write a letter to the landlord (a non-profit agency providing geared to income housing) stating my concerns and asking why the testing times are no longer posted? Or just start bolting from the building everytime the alarm goes off?


  1. I'd do a letter outlining your concerns and reasons for notice.

  2. Turns out I also posted about this in January (short memory, go figure). So its been an issue for awhile, and I stopped bolting for the door again, obviously this is going to be a vicious circle until I die... in a fire.


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