I Never Knew...

Three years ago I didn't know I wanted to be a mom. I just knew there was a tiny perfect being in my arms and I couldn't let go. Over the last three years I've learned a lot and now I want to share that with all of you.

I've learned that it IS completely different with your own child. Poop, pee, puke, pre-chewed food all seems quite normal when it comes from your own kid.

I've learned showers are a luxury not to be taken for granted.

I've learned when buying socks, always buy in large packages that are all exactly the same.

I've learned the best friends a woman can have are her mother and her daughter.

I've learned that the past is the past and there is a lot of forgiveness available for those who ask.

I've learned that age is a number, it's your state of mind thats important.

I've learned that friends who are true don't fault you for mistakes but learn from them with you.

I've learned that sometimes you just have to laugh.

I've learned that sometimes you just have to cry.

I've learned that parents are expected to know the names of every dog, cat, squirrel and bird that exists on the planet.

I've learned there is a lot of dogs named Jim.

I've learned that people will not last forever, but their dreams never die.

I've learned the more people you trust with the skeletons in your closet, the faster they turn to dust.

I've learned kindness and beauty is everywhere if you look hard enough.

I've learned if your children are involved you can do anything.

I've learned that eventually you stop thinking about how actions impact yourself and start thinking about how actions impact your world.

I've learned you can live without food and shelter but without love you die.

I've learned dreams are the wish your heart makes, but truth is what makes you push for them.

I've learned I don't hate Disney Princesses - but I still hate Barney.

I've learned that sleep is not something I will ever get used to not having enough of.

I've learned I will never stop wishing my grandparents could be here watching my daughter grow with me.

I've learned that princesses can be tomboys and it is perfectly acceptable to wear your crown in the dirt.

I've learned that to really see your child you have to look through someone elses eyes.

I've learned that some days are just a write off. Accept it and move on.

I've learned I can live with nothing more happily then buried in stuff.

I've learned I don't know how to let go of some of the past and not panic over little things.

I've learned that where deep breathing fails, wine succeeds.

I've learned that if being yourself isn't enough then the standards are too high.

I've learned that Disney Junior is far superior to Treehouse TV.

I've learned it's ok to be happy.

I've learned that my world doesn't revolve around my child, rather we orbit together keeping each other from randomly flying off into space.

I've learned that those wacky wavy arm flailing tube men will always make me smile.

I've learned you are never alone if you have a twitter account.

I've learned so so many things, my list could go on forever but my brain is screaming for sleep. I think the most important thing I've learned though is that I never stop learning as long as I keep my head high and my heart open.


  1. I too, have found these to be truths. Never would have thought I'd be where I am and enjoying the ride quite so much.

  2. Happy Birthday, Monkey!

    A message to Monkey: Just so you know...your mom....ya, SHE ROCKS! You'll learn a lot from her.

  3. This is beautiful. I learned many of the above mentioned as well. Happy Birthday to your daughter.

    I learned that forgiveness can be extended, even when it's not received.

    I learned that my past mistakes don't have to control my future.

    You are amazing :)


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