Light Your Own Flame

The 140 glow was starting to wear off... Waking up I was starting to feel a bit crushed. Like the dreams and promises were fading and I had used up my 15 minutes. I was sad.

Then I decided to push through...

I started the 5 Dollar Project.

The past two days have been a whirlwind of cookies and gift cards and people. Im starting to feel that spark again.

6 hours our twitter account (@5dollarproject) has over 100 followers
Our website has had over 500 unique page views
We have been donated a second 100 dollars to keep the project going
20 people have joined the revolution on facebook
50 people got smile cookies
2 people now have gift cards


I really need to take this moment to thank Kevin Magee and Marc Scott. Kevin who was just being kind and had no idea what the money he spent buying back a prize I won would end up doing. And Marc who believes in me and the project enough to put both his money and his mouth where my heart is to help keep us going.

For 3 years I have lived off social assistance and the kindness of strangers and it is time for me to give back. I may not have a penny to my name. I may be running the project from a crappy laptop and a beat up van. But damn it I am going to run this project right into the hearts and minds of those who feel the world has lost it's ability to be kind.

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