Where do we go now?

All day I've been on cloud 9. Cloud 109. Cloud 649 even (Just imagine! #EndCornyCanadianJoke)... I'm ready to save the world and make a difference and end the stigma behind social assistance and homelessness and mental illness and and and

I have no fucking idea how the hell I do it.

There's a long time between now and June and lets face it, opportunity isn't just gonna hang out in my kitchen with a beer and some kraft dinner waiting to hit NYC for 9 months. I need to buy diapers and put gas in my car and I've been told saying "Don't you know I trended higher then Bieber once!" is not a form of payment accepted at my local Walmart (Maybe in Stratford?)...

So what do I do?! Where do I take this? Come on universe! Don't tell me I was game VIP and then bench me the next game. I want to write and talk, share ideas and twirl (though the twirling is not work related).

I want to help save the world for Monkey and it sure ain't gonna happen behind the counter of a Tim Hortons.

So help me. I'm fucking terrified. I refuse to just let this go. I'm ready for the next phase of my life. I'm ready to be someone. I'm ready to be someone who gets up every morning and does something great! Something other then math to make sure I have enough diapers for the week. I want to be the one to hand out the pillows.

So who wants me?

Who can help me?

Who is coming along for the next chapter in the book of Jodi?

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  1. God, I wish I knew. Let's get down to basics...

    What is your passion? Is it conceivable, in some fashion, to make money at it? If your passion is belly-button lint, get a new passion. Seriously.

    Look into the Ontario Self Employment Benefit program. Google "OSEB" or "SEB". In a nutshell, you pitch a business idea/plan. If you are accepted, you get full EI benefits for 48 weeks while you are in class and building your business. I did it and Green Leaf Wood Studio was born. @PunchMediadotca did it and lectures for them in Whitby.

    Just an idea.


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