My Night-Dream-Mare Coming True

I always wanted a daughter. Bows and frills and dollies and kittens and everything pink... *sigh*

I may have forgotten one tiny little girl related thing. Well not so tiny really. A multi-million dollar, must have, world wide thing.

The Disney Princesses.

Now i'll give them this, the new princesses seem to be less "help me" and more "girl power", but how realistic are they really? Catherine The Great was a princess. Diana Spencer was a princess. Mermaids? Not princesses... either way...

Today our first piece of Disney Princess merchandise entered the house in the form of a Cinderella toothbrush. This is what I get for letting the child choose her own teeth cleaning instrument. She's never shown any interest in princesses before, in fact originally she wanted the Pooh Bear toothbrush. Being the relaxed laid back mom that I am, I let her choose her own toothbrush (yeah I know, OMG! So much freedom!). So many choices, hell I even would have been happy with that annoying little adventurer Dora, but NO - "Princess Mummy!".

How do you say no to that? 1 - Its a toothbrush 2 - She needed a toothbrush 3 - She's a curly headed, big eyed, sweet voiced, 2 year old who can easily make you forget occasionally her head spins around while she growls Exorcist style.

So now, three times a day me and this lovely lady have a date... then I turn back into a pumpkin.

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  1. Haha kinda glad I'm missing out on the princess thing... but then again, I do get raked into that really annoying handy manny and uber-expensive thomas the train...

    take the opportunity to explain to her what really makes a princess... things like being kind to everyone, always being happy, helping people whenever you can and maybe it'll take some of the sting out of the "princess perfection"


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