Social Media Gets Social

What do Vanilla Ice, nuts, screaming children, vodka and twitter all have in common?

Well nothing really, but all did make an appearance tonight at Bingemans E Night!

Ok, so Vanilla Ice himself didn't actually make an appearance, however I did win this super fly button from 1991:

Admit it, you're jealous.

While the children ran screaming through the FunWorx indoor play structure, us parents sat upstairs discussing nuts like mature adults. Did you know if you over handle your nuts they can become sticky? I hate when that happens, don't you?

What? You thought? You dirty bird! We were discussing the advantages of soapnuts for laundry and cleaning purposes. My god people! Seriously! (If youre curious talk to Tracy at www.barleysugarcreations.com, she can tell you everything about nuts!)

Being the full on twitter addicts that we all are, Bingemans set up a giant screen with a constant feed of all the posts featuring the BingemansENight hashtag. I learned a very valuable lesson from this, there is a reason that people have to choose to follow me. I'm kind of like that funny yet inappropriate aunt that blurts things out without thinking, I just happen to do it in a way that will be forever recorded electronically. Luckily, I'm also lovable and cute therefore easily forgiven (and really, secretly, most of you think like me... muwahahaha welcome to the dark side bitches!).

Early on I offered up a full on High Five to anyone who could provide me with a cough drop, I also tweeted out my dream of my girl Dee (www.cocktaildeeva.com) showing up with a flask to help save me from the horrors of sobriety while surrounded by screaming children. When Dee showed up with cough drops, booze and some of the cutest kids this side of the border, I was so shocked and thrilled I forgot to give her her high five! Yes, she brought me vodka. Yes, I do love her.

Free pizza, pop, chips, playing, vitamins, jelly beans, return passes for FunWorx AND I got to meet and mingle with some wonderful folks! Could this night have been any better? Ok, Vanilla Ice could have actually been there, that would have been awesome! But yeah... moving on. I'm totally going to do some name dropping as thank yous now so if you're not into name dropping have a great one and enjoy this orgasm for the ears http://tinyurl.com/4k2y3qo ... the rest of you here comes my thanks for the evening!

Carolyn Marsh (@carolynreyna) and Breanne Cram (@bgirlbre) from Bingemans for organizing this great night!

IronKids Gummies (@KidsGummyMum) for the full sized bottle of vitamins in our swag bags!

Diane (@1ofthose2girls) and Lisa (@Those2Girls) of Those 2 Girls or getting me the invite and helping network us together!

Kristina (@Khrystena), Craig (@BigDaddyKreativ), Wendy (@Mapsgirl), Tracy (@BarleySugar), Dee (@CocktailDeeva), Michelle (@hullabaloo519), Jenn (@MrsWookie), Erin (@transitionphoto), Jen (@Beauty_By_Jen) and SO many more folks who came out (even though I didn't get to say hi to everyone) and made my night just that much more fun!

Anyone I may have missed, it was totally unintentional, there was just so much awesome in one place it was hard to keep track of it all!


  1. It was awesome to hang out with you yesterday!!

    And I really do need to get on "vodka delivery list"... how fantastic is Dee??

  2. it was an awesome event. We didn't officially meet but we talked and your daughter was so cute.

    erica from bassgiraffe's Thoughts- http://www.bassgiraffe.com

  3. You are too funny..It was fab to hang out with you last night...Your daughter is gorgeous...well done mom...


  4. I loved that button. I want one. :)


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