More then 140

I can tweet (Oh lord can I tweet!), but can I blog?

I guess were about to find out.

Living life 140 characters at a time is easy for me, maybe too easy, ok far too easy. I am constantly attached to my twitter, CONSTANTLY. Laptop, phone, ipod, one is always on me and twitter is never signed out.

My life has become so succinct I no longer need paragraphs or even full sentences. Punctuation is a thing of the past and hashtags offer a quick and easy way to wrap up any thought #LikeThisOne #Tada

Now I'm not one of those self-proclaimed twitter gurus or experts or ninjas (though I am a ninja, but thats a whole other post!). I won't tell you how to tweet or that you're tweeting wrong (however, if you're using a service that allows you to tweet more then 140 characters at a time you might be missing the point a little). I just know that Im not good at sentence structure, punctuation or not making a fucking mess of the English language, so 140 characters works for me.

At this point i'd like to inform you my addiction has required me to check my twitter approximately 12 times up to now while writing this. I think I might have an addiction. Is there Tweeters Anonymous?

I proudly go to #tweetups and have met some of my best friends on twitter. Not to mention the self-esteem boost I get knowing almost 700 people care about what I have to say (Ok probably more like 100 people and 600 bots that follow me because I talk about boobs and poutine and booze a lot, I choose to ignore that). I have had roughly 33,000 independent (or re-tweeted whatever) 140 character thoughts. I didn't even know I was capable of so much thought! Who thinks that much? My god I must be some kind of genius!

I now can say I know people from all over the world and right next door, and some that were right next door and now are way the hell across the ocean (Looking at you @Brettstersview... looking at you). I am often introduced to people as KarmicEvolution, which is much cooler then my actual name - Jodi, and also makes me glad I no longer use the internet handle PlayboySparkleBunny6969. When I talk about people its usually followed by "you know @________ on twitter" and when I have a problem with a company my first resort is usually a well placed @reply.

I am a proud Twitter junkie, and for some god forsaken reason I have decided to blog. This could get messy, bring your boots... and beer.


  1. You have a blog?

  2. Oh Snap...is this what we're calling Jodi 2.0?

  3. does anyone count how many characters Jodi wrote in this blog? lol #Whoops


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