Dickens and Dickheads

I think Dickens may have put the last little section of my life best “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” (And yes, I know Dickens!). Life has had more ups and downs lately then the elevators at the CN Tower. Just when I think life is falling apart it gives me something amazing to be thankful for.

So, lets just quickly go over the bullshit so we can move on to happier topics shall we? My brother has serious mental health issues and has gone off the deep end once again. (I wont get into details but lets just say it makes life both difficult and nerve wracking.) I was “scaled back” at work. My van was costing me more in gas then my rent. Meeting the Mans son did NOT go well at all. And honestly? I've just felt like crap over all. I don't deal with stress well (possibly the biggest understatement ever). Oh and then there was that whole “Rapture” deal that despite my ability to process logically still had me a little un-nerved.

Now, fuck all that. On to the good, the better, the best. There are a few of them.

  1. My mother. My mother who makes me crazy, and has the ability to play my brain like a fiddle. There are times where I seriously could and probably should walk away, but there are other times, like this month, where she has been my saviour. Fixing up the van for me so I could afford to keep it. Its amazing what a good tune up will do! She may make me mental cuckoo often, but shes still my mum and takes good care of me.

  1. The Monkey is TALKING! Ok so speech is still hard to understand, and I might be cursing myself for wanting her to talk but its awesome. After so long of listening to people talk about their kids talking early and making sentences and yadda yadda yadda I was honestly a little more then worried she wouldn't catch up. But theres a light at the end of the tunnel folks!

  1. The Man. The unbelievable, amazing, sweet, kind, caring, adorable Man. For a month he's been keeping me sane and smiling. He's already seen so much of the insanity that is my life and is still here, voluntarily. There is so much beauty in him, it's a bit stunning. One of those genuinely good people in the world. Even the times he's made me crazy are good times. Just when I think “Ok, I need a break, some alone time”, the minute he leaves I get a bit lonely. It already feels so much longer then a month. In fact I cant actually believe it has only been a month that we've been together. Im hooked and Im ok with it.

Now my mother just called me and basically made me want to rip out my hair strand by strand however Im leaving her in the good things part and Im going to try and forget that, until tomorrow, when Im sure she'll do it again. SIGH – Parents. Hard to believe one day ill be that cause of hair pulling stress.

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